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The Death Saints are a group of lost souls or murdered souls, looking for revenge and giving justice to the innocents.

The Death Saints are a sidestream group in the Connectiverse on Spectra Helioticity's side. This wikia was made separately from the Connect Productions wikia to give a wider sense of minor details.


The group, growing slowly, but surely. The group started by Shader, the exiled demon. Currently there 4 Crimson Classes:

  1. Crimson Gunslinger- contains Blood Shot
  2. Crimson Caster- N/A
  3. Crimson Beast- contains Yan-nan and Shadow Blade
  4. Crimson Reaper- N/A

Bloody Jack and Bloody Al are technically all classes, excluding Crimson Beast.

Hulu, a lost soul, accompanies Shader in his expidition in finding Death Saints.

The Death Saints are able to teleport to many dimensions and worlds.

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